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How do I login to my FasTrak account?

You can login to your FasTrak account at the office FasTrak login page.

How much does FasTrak cost in California?

When you initiate an account using cash, check, or a money order, FasTrak will gather an initial prepaid balance for tolls amounting to $25 per toll tag, in addition to a $5 security deposit per toll tag, making it a total of $30 per toll tag. It will be your responsibility to replenish your account when the balance falls below a certain threshold.

How can I pay FasTrak?

You have multiple convenient options for paying FasTrak tolls. You can make payments using your credit card, either through an online portal or over the phone. Alternatively, you can opt to pay by check or money order, simply addressing it to "Bay Area FasTrak" and sending it via US mail. If you prefer to use cash, there are numerous local cash payment locations where you can make your FasTrak toll payments hassle-free.

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