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Mounting a Toll Tag Inside a Vehicle:

1) Select a suitable location within your windshield for mounting the toll tag.

2) Thoroughly clean the interior of your windshield where you intend to place the tag.

3) Uncover the Velcro mounting strips on the toll tag by removing the plastic tape.

4)Carefully position the toll tag against the glass and firmly press it into place.

Motorcycle instructions.

How do I activate my FasTrak?

Another option for establishing a FasTrak account is to acquire a toll tag from a nearby FasTrak retail location. Subsequently, you can activate the toll tag by completing the account enrollment process either online or by contacting one of FasTrak's helpful customer service representatives via phone.

Do I need to activate my FasTrak transponder?

Prior to driving, it is essential to register your transponders and activate your account. Once the activation process is finalized, your transponders will be fully operational on all tolled bridges, lanes, and roads in California, and you will receive a $50 credit in toll funds added to your account.

How do I know if my FasTrak is active?

VERIFY THE SIGNAGE: When passing through a toll bridge, examine the Driver Feedback Display at the toll plaza. If it doesn't indicate "VALID FASTRAK," there might be an issue with your toll tag.
EXAMINE YOUR ACCOUNT: Access your FasTrak account and carefully review your transaction history.